Thursday, January 22, 2009

18W5D & Counting

I had my half way ultra sound today and it was simply amazing. The last one we had was at only 6 weeks along and there was nothing but a black spot. Really is that a baby? Today there was no question about it. We could see the arms, legs, spinal cord, head, eyes, nose, mouth, feet, fingers and many bones creating our little miracle. Simply Amazing. The Dr. said everything looks great, there should not be a need for any more ultra sounds from here out, just visits to keep tabs on how everything is going and listen to the heart beat. We might have one more ultra sound later on but more than likely if all else goes well there shall not be a need for one. The end of this month will be my half way mark and boy or girl am i ready!! I took my mom to Baby World (Babies-R-Us) the other night and she could not get over all the fun exciting new stuff. She bought my baby bedding and is determined to decorate and repaint our spare room that will be the nursery, i said go right ahead and have a fun time. She wants to shut the door and not let me in until she is done. My best friend Sarah is helping her so i know between the two it will be the most outragious room in the house!! i am trying to hold my self off from registering until early Feb. but i hate to not get things done when i think of them, i like to do it now and enjoy it later. I can be a slacker on somethings but mainly i am on top of it. Do it now while it is fresh on the mind. Somethings need to wait though.