Monday, May 18, 2009

Time to Count Down

Well, it is def. getting close to the time we have been waiting for for quite a few months now. Only 4 weeks and a few days left until the planned due date. Let's hope the little one is ready by Father's day b/c i seriously do not know what i will do if our bundle of joy decides to hang out longer than we plan. I am just to anxious and gaining to much weight that must be 90% baby b/c my dr. keeps mentioning it but saying nothing about me watching it. Oh boy or girl, you better not be to much work to get out. hehehe I am anxiously waiting to cut back on work time and eventually be at home with my bundle of joy. Summer is on it's way in and the pools are opening. Anyone looking for a pool date give me a call, i have a pool place and open days!!!! :)