Monday, December 21, 2009

Crafty Baby Bibs for Sale

Hey All, since being a stay at home mom I have taken on some crafty talents and have been expanding my sewing machine abilities. Know any one having a baby soon? Check out these nifty bibs and let me know if you could use one yourself. I got on this craft for a friend who is having a baby in Feb. and decided to whip up a few extras and add a little twist to it. I greatly enjoy making them and will do special orders as well. They range from $3 to $5 depending on the detail and material. Burp cloths to match for a great set. Great personalized gifts if you know someones taste well and want them to have a one of a kind cute baby bib. Give me a shout via email or phone if you are interested. I love making them so i hope you enjoy them as well.