Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter 08/09

What a pretty show after all the havock it created. I finally got to get out and take some pictures while the sun was up, wish i could have gotten more and better ones but it was still to chili to be out to long. Even though we were with out electric for 5 days, it sure made for a pretty scene with all the ice and snow on the trees glistning in the sun. We are still working on our roof to get the ice off so it does not damage our hot tub, deck, or outside heater unit when it does fall. Today will be the big test to see how much slides or thaws with the warmer weather. Here are a few shots i took around our home.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Half Down, Last Half to Go

Half way and to excited to contain it!!!

This past Saturday marked my half way point and WOW this baby is starting to do some gymnastics. I have been feeling it more and more moving around and doing who knows what. Chris said last night, 'you know our baby will be hipper, since i can not sit still.' Well, i am getting a taste of it already. I am finally releasing myself to officially start getting things ready for this baby. We got some stuff moved out of the spare room and some shelves hung in the closet so i should be good to go. My little list is growing and believe me it kills me to be at work all day when i could be home organizing and re-arranging all our junk!! Wow, we can collect clutter fast. All is good in the baby world though and when she/he gets here, i will be more than ready!!