Friday, April 10, 2009

Chris turns 30!!!

For Chris's 30th B-day we took all our Friends to the Lake.
(Minus one couple as they decided to have a baby that weekend.)

The couples that joined us start with Matthew & Nathan.

Brett & Nicole

Rose & Daniel Schilmiller

Chris & Liz

The Three Girls
Rose, Nicole & Liz

Here they were waiting on the Johnny Walker to show up.

This was Chris's b-day gift from mom. They already drank a small bottle.

Rose took a shot for the group!

Chris felt the need to thank her for womaning up for that shot.

Poor Nicole got Sandwiched by Brett & Cavins

And Lacy Mae decided to join the world while we were at the lake.
Tom and Jamie might be able to join us next year.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe 2009

One last family trip for Chris and I as just husband and Wife. We went with my parents and brother plus Melissa to Lake Tahoe in Feb.. and it was very pretty. A little cold but nice.

This is the whole group while snowmobiling. It was so much fun. Kind of a mix between 4-wheeling and jet skiing. The view of the lake from the top of the mountain amazing.

One day we drove to San Fransisco California to see the Golden Gate Bridge and To Muir Woods to see the HUGE ever greens. it was a nice drive and great trip.

Chris & I in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was a neat thing to see.

Mom & Dad at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Chris just had to stand next to the biggest tree in Muir Woods to show just how big it is. AMAZING!!

This was on top the mountain behind our condo. We decided to go hiking one day to the top to see the Lake from above.

One Day we took a boat across the lake to see the famous Emerald Bay. It was a nice ride with plenty of drinks and a little food. A nice day to out in the sun and enjoy the Lake.

Chris decided to Ski one day. I choose to skip the skiing and shop. It was a great day for both.

The last evening we were there we went to the beach at the end of our road and watched the sun set behind the big mountains.