Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Polar Bear Plung Is ON

I just wanted to take a moment and post a link to my hubby's website for the 2009 Polar Bear Plunge. This is his second year to do it and he just can not wait to jump into the Ohio River and Freeze his little tail off. Every time we drive past the river, which is every day to and from work, he looks at it and says 'Bring it On.' I don't know how he does it but he does and then shivers the rest of the day. Last year my feet were starting to freeze just waiting for him to jump and as soon as it was time for his team to step on to the plank it started to snow. BURRRRRRRR is all i could say. So if you are interested in helping us raise some money for the Special Olympics, go to his web site and make a donation. Come join us on the Water Front at Tumbleweed as well if you want on Feb 28th to cheer him on!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let the World Know...................

i am going to be a mommy in June!! Yes it is true. I am 3 months pregnant and we just made it public this past weekend to my parents and all our friends. The due date is June 20th. June is our magical month for sure. First we got married in June, last year we spent our anniversary in Jamaica for our friends wedding in June, and now we will have a bundle of joy in June. What could possibly be after that? I am very excited to have a baby and want to tell everyone i know about it. It is such a wonderful joyous life experience and i can not wait to experience all the joys about it.

I have been lucky so far and had little to no morning sickness. Crackers have been my friend a lot though. i always have a snack in my pocket or close by to help. Sleepiness has not been an issue except on the weekends when we stay out longer than normal. My pants are starting to get tight but Chris is about the only one that has noticed a bump so far b/c my PJ's are a little tighter than my daily clothes. i am sure it will be out and public before i know it though.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder why you might be with your special someone? I am constantly asked why i ended up with my husband. Mostly in a funny, my tummy hurts way but quite often i am asked it even from my husband. When asked i can say that i have never said yes. I ask 'how did i get so lucky?' i have a friend that asked herself quite a few times why she was with the guy she was with and lets just say she is not longer with him. Her's was never is a good way. Another friend ask's herself what have i gotten myself in occasionally. That is not so bad. The reason this topic has been on my mind is because the Polar Bear Plung is coming up again and once again my husband has decided to outdo everyone on his team that he can. He is setting the standards high. Last year was a treat and got many people talking about his outfit. He did not jump in the river in the outfit he promoted but this year he plans to. Buuuurrrrr i get cold chills just thinking about it. He is supper pumped and it is fun to be a part of. Later this month i will post a link to his web page for donations to help us meet our goal. In the mean time check out his new outfit. My CRAZY husband. I gotta love him for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes this year he is a PINK FLAMINGO. (compliments of my brother and his costumes)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Holidays on the Horizon

With the holidays coming up, i can not help but wonder how all the excitement will be contained. With rushing around to see our families i hope we remember to tell each one of them how much they mean to us. Stories from the past year, plans for the new year all bring fun and games. Will Santa really only bring me a small gift as promised or while he go over board yet again? Either way i hope to have a great holiday and let each and everyone know just how much i care about them and what they mean to me. Most importantly i hope there are some fun surprises this holiday season. ;)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Budbowl 2008

It is that time of year again and we are excited to see everyone at Budbowl this year. We have moved it a weekend later than normal in hopes more people will be able to join us and then hussel and bussel of the Holidays will be slowing down. Come join us any time from noon on for some good eats, fun entertainment and just hanging out. We will have skeet shooting around 1pm followed by a few games of football, beer, chili, snacks of all sorts, card games, a Margarita Bar, Bodbowl Trivia, & simply anything you want to do. H0pe all can join us all day or at least drop in for a little bit to eat.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lovely Day for a Trip to the Zoo

Since the weather was very nice Sunday Chris and I went to the Zoo for most of the day. It was a great time to go since the weather was cool. Just about all the animals were up and moving around. We managed to be at the right spots at the right time for feedings to the Gorillas, Monkey's, Tiger, Giraffe, and the Lions were quit active as well. One Lion decided to get up and strut it stuff while roaring. It was awesome!!

This is the Tiger in training. Big Guy!!!

Chris loved the Meer Cats. (not sure how to spell there names)

The Peguins were sleeping, i love when they are active.

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had our Friends Wedding to attend. It was really nice and enjoyable. The tent at Huber's Winery is very nice.

Me & My Hubby

Brett & Nicole

Matt & Nicole

Rose & Daniel

Nicole Liz & Nicole

The Newley Wed Couple
Cr. & Mrs. Patrick Wilson

Friday, October 3, 2008

House 4-Sale or Rent Greenville Area

We have a house 4-sale or rent in Greenville off of Clark St. It is a three bedroom, one bath large kitchen, dinning room & living room. Nice deck on back with spacious yard. One car detached garage. Old hard wood floors and new paint. If you or anyone on you know might be interested let me know.

$650 per month rent
$110,000 for sale

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

House 4-Sale in Floyd Knobs

FLOYD KNOBS, 2175 Balmer Fenwick Rd.
3BD, 2BA, 2,000SF w/full basement, 2 car attached garage, 2 car detached garage, sun porch on back of house with amazing view, 2 acres, beautiful setting, well-maintained home, Large kitchen, living room and dinning room with fireplace. Big back yard with creek and trees. $237,500

Let me know if you or anyone one you might know is interested!!!

Below is a picture of the house via Google Maps:

View Larger Map

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mindy's Weekend

What a Weekend!! We started with Mindy's Bachlorette Party at the pool Saturday. It turned out to be a great day, the water was a little to cold to get in but we were able to enjoy the outdoors and catch up with some fun friends. Dinner was awesome and we loaded into the Party Van at 9pm to head to the Bars. After a few drinks at Makers Mark's Bar we ended up at Sully's for a great time!! Here are a few shots below and i hope to have a few group shots soon. They did not make it on my camera though.

Kaboodle & Liz

Nicole, Kaboodle & Liz

Sunday we had Mindy's bridal shower. It was really nice, great food and nice gifts. A bunch of people were able to attend making it a nice little party.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Booze Cruize 2008

Our yearly trip to camp and canoe is always a fun time and we more than likely will come home with great memories and pictures for years to come to talk about. This year we went to a place 1 hr. east of Indy. North west of Cincy. It was great camping right on the river, nice sites and awesome canoeing. I would not mind going back there again.

Our group shot from a great weekend. This would be our 4th year to have Booze Cruize.

All the girls that went on the trip. If someone did not have fun, it is there own fault. There was to much fun to be had.

I don't think this group of guys could ever NOT have fun. They are a crazy bunch and even worse when they are together.

Instead of Popcorn when camping we have bacon. Yes, Bacon for snacks instead of chips, cookies and all that other junk.

These are my canoe buddies. We all three are in one canoe because that is the funnest way to canoe. we might be outside our boat more than anyone else but we love it that way.

Nicole and i would be the food making machines. Hot dogs, Samores, potatoes, sausage for breakfast. We love to do it all. Everything must be fixed on the grill, fire, or tripod however.

Maggie and I love to sip our drinks around the camp fire, in the canoe, wading in water or even playing cards.

Nicole and I enjoy games and staying clean. HAHAHAHAHA She is not much of a camper.

Jamie and i like to take naps, walks in the woods, and just enjoy nature.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Photo Editing

I have found this awesome new website where you can upload pictures and razzle and dazzle them with many tools they have available. Then save the pictures for free to print. Here are just a few i have played around with lately. The website is

Monday, August 11, 2008

King Camp Out 2008

This weekend we had our annual family camping trip at Uncle Ed's house and this year's theme was America's Next Top Model.

Here is a group picture of all the participants in America's Next Top Model.

This would be Uncle Kenny trying to sell Watches and all kids of other 'goodies'.

Contestant two the Three are
Mr. & Mrs. South Africa sporting there attire and fresh captures of the day.

Contestant number four that is ready for Prom, Your local County fair Queen Padgent or the nice little hollahoop contest down the road.

Contestant five is showing off her 7th grade dance costume, bringing back the gradeschool look.

Group Contestants six, seven and eight pulled out there best attire for the evening.

Contestant number nine is bring back the combat boots and camo.

Can i just say, we have way to much fun for it to be legal at our family get togethers!!

Contestants ten and eleven are introducing the invisiable line, it shall be out the first of next summer, this fall may be a little nipply.

And last but not least, we have Brittney Spears ready to ride her horse and this hot thing in her lovely work/cocktail attire.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting to know You & Me

Four, Four, Four, Four...

A) Four places that I go over and over:
My freezer (what's for dinner?), facebook, my garden, tv channels

B) Four people who e-mail me (regularly): Jamie, Anne, Sarah, Express

C) Four of my favorite places to eat: Subway, King Fish, Hooters, Any Steak House

D) Four places I would rather be right now: camping, the beach, in bed watching movies, away from work

E) Four friends i know would be there for me any time: Sarah, NicoleX2, Jamie, Rose

F) Four TV shows I watch over and over: Reba, I love money, Engaged and underage, Still Standing

What are your Four's?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Patoka Lake

This Sunday was so nice Mom and Dad called to go rent a boat to Patoka for the day. Man was it awesome!! We had a great time just relaxing and doing nothing. A little Beer, chicken and water goes along way after a hard week worked and just before another starts. The weather was awesome!

Chris's life jacket started taking on water after a few hours in and he could hardly stay afloat to keep his beer and chicken out of the water. HAHA

Matthew decided to try and fit threw this child's ring.
He made it half way threw the first time. Second try was better.

This is what we did all day long!!
Oh i could do it again today, tomorrow and a few after that as well.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mom's Birthday

Today is Mom's birthday and for her birthday all of us 'kids', Chris likes to think we are young adults, got together last night to get a group picture. They turned out pretty good. Dad wants one for his desk now too. Check em out.Aren't we just to cute!!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Only the Beginning

So i have been looking for a great way to start posting stuff for all to share amongst our friends and think this may just work great. I have not had much luck finding a cheap website way to do it so... Let's give it a shot.