Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photography is my newest Love

I have joined another blog that is with a bunch of mommies that had babies born in June of 2009 and we all love photography. Here is some of my recent work since i am trying to reach out and start a little side job hobby fun. Call me if you would like to schedule a session!! Very reasonable prices and you get all the photos on a cd to print at your choice of printer. (professional prints available)502-876-8983

Aiden was a great little boy to work with. He loved the playground and was sooo happy!
Erin was an easy client to capture a smile and bright face excited for the arrival of her new baby boy.
Arian and her bestest friend Lucy were having fun at the lake one weekend.

Lacy was the perfect little flower girl.

Capturing all these kids having fun in every day life is what i love the most and hope to share the joy with many more friends and anyone for that matter!!

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